Alberta Paramount College

    At Alberta Paramount College (APC) our goal is to provide accessible education and training for passionate learners. With a vision that education should be a service and not a business, APC is determined to deliver a topnotch learning experience at an affordable cost.

    Our commitment to our students goes far beyond the classroom. We provide comprehensive instruction, give you real-world experience and most importantly help you find the job of your dreams once your education is complete.

    Alberta Paramount College is licensed and accredited through the Private Career College branch of the Ministry of Alberta Advanced Education.

    Our Core Values

    Committed to excellence

    Fairness and equality



    Mutual respect, integrity and honesty

    Ethically acceptable


    Alberta Paramount College has a mission to deliver not only career-oriented quality education to the learners but also support their personal development, so the graduates the first choice of employers.


    Alberta Paramount College will be an outstanding educational institution in Alberta that delivers an exemplary learning experience and an environment in which students can thrive and become assets to the community.

    Equal Opportunities

    Alberta Paramount College is an inclusive diverse space and endeavours to promote diversity, equal opportunity, and collaboration. We are committed to creating a space which, regardless of race, gender, belief, sexual orientation, or nationality will give the learner a feeling of respect, confidence, and encouragement to pursue a career path.


    Program & Courses


    Years Of Experience


    Upcoming Courses

    Why Choose Us

    Alberta Paramount College might be a new College in existence however, The CEO Ms. Nasreen Siddiqui, is known to many for the passionate service to the students while working for another institution.

    She brings about the mission of making difference to make education a service rather than a business.

    Her team is made up of experienced personnel having the same focus, core values, ethics, and one common goal to extend excellence in skills and education.

    We will teach Up to date curriculum to match the market demand throught constant communication with the employers.

    Practicum arranged by the College.

    Non-exhautive help to the students until they find jobs by providing Resume writing skills, interview confidence to find resources.