Accounting Technician with Taxation and Payroll

    Who is an Accounting Technician? What Does This Program Offer?

    An Accounting Technician is someone who executes tasks in the areas of accountancy, finance, and taxation to help prepare the work of accountants. An accounting technician may work under the supervision of an accountant and is responsible for updating, checking, and analyzing financial records, which can then be utilized by accountants. However, with experience, an Accounting Technician is soon able to perform all the job dimensions and can effectively take care of every accounting need of the business. This means that as an accounting technician, you can also offer independent accountancy services, which can give you an opportunity to expand your professional portfolio.

    This program offers additional learning beyond the scope of an Accounting Technician, specifically in Taxation. Taxation is added to the program based on market demand, as many businesses seek help on taxation from third parties. Graduates from the program will also learn to calculate and process payroll cheques and will be able to assist in personal and business tax returns.

    Graduates from this program will be able to work as Accounting Technicians, Payroll Clerks, Bookkeepers, Junior Accountants, Accounts Consultants, Tax Advisors, Tax Preparers, and more.

    Is this Program for you?

    Are you client-focused, ethical, organized, reliable, dependable, and accurate? Can you work in a fast-paced environment. Do you enjoy challenges, meeting deadlines, and handling repetitive tasks? Are efficient interpersonal skills second nature to you, allowing clients to see you as a sincere friend and encouraging them to return to you year after year? If this describes you, then this program is tailored for you.

    How can we help?

    The Accounting Technician program at Alberta Paramount College is designed to equip you with all the skills needed to competently handle the accounting and taxation needs of any small business or to work in an accounting office where you can handle various client needs. In larger businesses, these skills will support you in areas such as bookkeeping, Accounts Receivable and Payable, GST, Payroll, or taxation, assisting senior Accountants.

    A practicum of 160 hours is an essential component of the program, offering hands-on experience in the areas you've learned and helping you become comfortable with real workplace procedures. This practical experience builds confidence in your ability to work as a professional in the field.

    Course Contents

    1. Microsoft Office Suite.
    2. Microsoft Excel (Advanced)
    3. Financial Accounting I
    4. Financial Accounting II
    5. Accounting Software
    6. Income Taxation
    7. Payroll Compliance
    8. Payroll Fundamentals I
    9. Payroll Fundamentals II
    10. Capstone Project
    11. Job search & Resume Writing
    12. Practicum

    What People Are Saying

    ola ibini

    Went to this amazing college to check there brochures and the environment. The brochure and atmosphere were fantastic. The tuition is reasonable and the teacher are very technical with great experiences. I highly recommend this college especially for those who can't afford higher school tuition but still want academic excellence for their children. Great academic atmosphere. Highly recommended...

    Soojad Ali Khidri

    They have a lot of really useful courses and the team really cares in helping you find what’s right for you. Tuition is also very reasonable.

    Dennis Zhang

    Very nice college, good teaches, affordable tuition, excellent environment

    Connie Moyah

    My experience with Paramount College has been unexpected to say the lease. I wasn’t looking to go back to school but when I was brought upon Paramount, I thought it was just another small college that was trying to get students to join. When I looked into the college more and got to know Nasreen, I understood her goal for her students and the success she wanted for us.

    Alex Lee

    Really good college, professional teachers and good teaching quality!