Admission Process

    • Complete the above Form and submit it online. As soon as college will receive the form international student advisor will contact you and guide you through all the steps.

    • After receiving your acceptance letter from Alberta Paramount College, it will be essential for you to utilize it when applying for your study permit/visa and other necessary travel documents.

    • It is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for travel to Canada, which include organizing your living accommodations, transportation, arrival plans, and other essential logistics. AP College will provide you all necessary information which will help you to make cost-effective and timely decisions. If you require assistance with any of the afore-mentioned matters, please reach out to the International Student Coordinator at Alberta Paramount College.

      Regarding the important notice from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC):

      Starting from July 31, 2018, individuals from Europe, the Middle East, or Africa may be required to provide their fingerprints and photo (biometrics) when applying for a Canadian study permit. It is important to verify if these changes apply to your specific case. IRCC advises international students to adequately prepare for their journey to study in Canada by reviewing the entry requirements and promptly applying for their study permit.

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