Pharmacy Assistant

    Who are Pharmacy Assistants?

    Pharmacy Assistants play a crucial role in supporting pharmacy technicians and pharmacists. Pharmacy Assistants primarily handle the administrative side of pharmacy operations, such as greeting clients, gathering prescription information, recording data, counting medications, packaging, and labeling pharmaceutical products, stocking shelves, managing prescription packaging and distribution for patients, taking customer phone calls, and handling the cash register.

    Is this program for you?

    If you've always been interested in pursuing a career related to health, possess strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills, enjoy working collaboratively in a team with a common goal, are organized, comfortable with computer usage, and are detail-oriented with instructions, then a career as a pharmacy assistant might be the prescription for you.

    Your duties as a Pharmacy Assistant:

    Pharmacy Assistants work under the supervision of one or more pharmacists or pharmacy technicians, with specific duties varying based on the work environment.

    Some of the assigned duties may include:

    • Maintaining proper drug storage and security.
    • Entering patient information and prescriptions into computer systems.
    • Assisting in the preparation, packaging, and labeling of prescription medications.
    • Managing prescription and inventory record-keeping systems.
    • Preparing certain compounds under supervision.
    • Placing and receiving orders to maintain inventory.

    Responsibilities can differ based on the setting. In community pharmacies, Pharmacy Assistants may:

    • Answer telephones.
    • Process payment for prescriptions.
    • Price and label items for sale.
    • Prepare and handle third-party insurance claims and records.

    In hospital settings, their tasks may include:

    • Restocking drugs and solutions on nursing wards.
    • Replenishing drug kits for specific emergencies like anaphylactic or diabetic shock.
    • Preparing dose carts and delivering them to nursing stations

    How can we help?

    At Alberta Paramount College, we offer a high-quality education to prepare students for success in their careers. Our Pharmacy Assistant program has been reviewed and authenticated by highly experienced pharmacists, some of whom run their own pharmacies. This ensures you receive an education recognized and respected by employers.

    The comprehensive Pharmacy Assistant program at Alberta Paramount College covers a wide range of topics, including pharmaceutical terminology, drug classifications, and medication administration. It includes hands-on practical experience, allowing you to apply your knowledge and skills in a real-world context.

    Kroll Software
    At Alberta Paramount College, we provide comprehensive training on one of the most widely used software systems across Canada: Kroll. We not only offer hands-on experience in our well-equipped college lab but also extend remote access, allowing you to practice from the comfort of your home. Becoming proficient in Kroll software significantly enhances your employability, virtually guaranteeing job opportunities within any pharmacy in Canada, particularly in Alberta.

    Our program is taught by experienced professionals who deeply understand the pharmacy industry. Their passion and dedication to student success are evident throughout the program. They provide valuable guidance and support to ensure you are well-prepared for a successful career in pharmacy.

    Course Contents

    1. Keyboarding and Microsoft Office Suite.
    2. Human Anatomy.
    3. Primary Structure of Pharmacy Practice.
    4. Pharmacy Math and Calculation Dosage Form.
    5. Hospital Pharmacy.
    6. Compounding.
    7. Comprehensive Pharmacology.
    8. Complete Community Pharmacy.
    9. Kroll Software.
    10. Resume Writing.
    11. Practicum.

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