Documents Required

    The following documents are required for the application process:

    • Valid passport
    • Completed Alberta Paramount College Application Form
    • Attested copy of academic transcripts starting from secondary school onwards
    • Two copies of a recent passport-sized photo
    • Valid English Language test score:
    • IELTS Academic total band score of 6.0
    • CLBA score of 7 in each band.
    • TOEFL Internet-based test score of 70 (overall score) or PBT score of 560.
    • CAEL score of 6
    • Pearson Academic (PTE) score of 54

    Unless specified otherwise in the program admission requirements, applicants are required to meet the minimum English Proficiency Requirement. It's important to note that English test scores are valid for a maximum of two years. The acceptable evidence for English Language Proficiency (ELP) includes:

    All applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English by providing official test results approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Please refer to the CIC-approved language testing for more information

    For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the equivalency test charts provided by the CIC. Additionally, some transcripts and educational credentials may require assessment through International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) or World Education Services (WES). Check the processing time for Student Visa applications.

    International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)

    The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) is a service provided by the Alberta government. Its purpose is to assess and issue certificates that compare educational credentials obtained from other countries to the educational standards in Canada. In Canada, certain occupations are regulated, meaning they have specific legal requirements or restrictions in place to ensure public protection. To work in these regulated occupations, it is necessary to register with the appropriate professional regulatory organization. If you hold a formal academic or technical degree, diploma, or certificate earned outside of Canada, you can obtain this type of assessment. For further details regarding the assessment of your foreign qualifications, please visit the following link:

    World Education Service (WES)

    The World Education Service (WES) provides credential evaluations, which involve comparing your academic achievements to Canadian standards. This evaluation report is beneficial for institutions such as schools, employers, licensing boards, or immigration authorities to gain a clearer understanding of your educational background. The WES report: Identifies and provides descriptions of your credentials Verifies the authenticity of your credentials May include an equivalency assessment of your grade point average (GPA) Evaluates the authenticity of your submitted documents For further information on the assessment process conducted by WES, please visit:

    Admission Process

    Complete the above Form and submit it online. As soon as college will receive the form international student advisor will contact you and guide you through all the steps.

    After receiving your acceptance letter from Alberta Paramount College, it will be essential for you to utilize it when applying for your study permit/visa and other necessary travel documents.

    To acquire your study visa and/or temporary resident visa, it is necessary to visit the nearest Canadian Embassy, High Commission, or access their official website. Please take note of the important information below.

    It is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for travel to Canada, which include organizing your living accommodations, transportation, arrival plans, and other essential logistics. AP College will provide you all necessary information which will help you to make cost-effective and timely decisions. If you require assistance with any of the afore-mentioned matters, please reach out to the International Student Coordinator at Alberta Paramount College.

    Regarding the important notice from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC):

    Starting from July 31, 2018, individuals from Europe, the Middle East, or Africa may be required to provide their fingerprints and photo (biometrics) when applying for a Canadian study permit. It is important to verify if these changes apply to your specific case. IRCC advises international students to adequately prepare for their journey to study in Canada by reviewing the entry requirements and promptly applying for their study permit.

    Program cost and refund policy

    Alberta Paramount College aims to deliver high-quality education while maintaining affordable and very low tuition fees compared to other private Canadian colleges. All costs mentioned are in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Please note that the total expenses may vary based on additional factors such as the cost of books and other program-related supplies.

    Refund Policy

    After your program start date, you may be entitled to a refund, under Section 17 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation, if your Alberta Student Enrolment Contract is cancelled after your program start date. The amount is based on how much of the program you've already completed. If you've paid all the tuition for the program and completed: less than 10% of your program, your refund is at minimum 75% of your tuition. more than 10% but less than 50% of your program, your refund is at minimum 40% of your tuition. more than 50% of your program, the college is not required to provide you with a refund.

    If you haven’t yet paid all of the tuition for the program and completed: less than 10% of your program, the college is entitled to up to 25% of the total cost of tuition. more than 10% but less than 50% of your program, the college is entitled to up to 60% of the total cost of tuition. more than 50% of your program, the college is entitled to up to 100% of the total cost of tuition.

    For reference, please visit gov of Alberta website: